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We know that sending your child for a homestay abroad is a big decision, and a significant investment in that child's future.  We provide guardianship services for international students attending schools in Massachusetts.  Our plans provide comprehensive support for students and their families, while satisfying guardianship requirements of private schools.  Contingency plans are available in cases of school closure due to COVID-19, or when a student tests positive for the virus. 

We also know that parents who speak little or no English may find it challenging to communicate with school staff about their child's progress. Differences in time zones can also make direct contact difficult.  As your child's hosts, we can be a liaison for you with the school, help you navigate important conversations, or attend meetings on your behalf as needed.

​We can provide or arrange academic support (for example, tutoring and English language development) and help with acclimating to life in the U.S. (adjusting to differences in culture, academic practices, and school expectations).  We will be available to your child as a mentor, helping troubleshoot any challenges that arise during

the school year.

Contact us for more information or to enroll.

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