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One-to-One Instruction Allows for Maximum Learning

The more individualized instruction your child receives, the greater the chances of his or her academic success.  Hosts of many homestays are not professional educators, and do not have experience teaching English Learners. We provide a unique opportunity for your child to stay in the home of a licensed English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, with many years of experience teaching English Learners from all over the world.  

Authentic Language Practice
in a Safe and Supportive Environment

Learning and using a new language among native speakers is the most effective way to become fluent.  However, it can also be an intimidating experience, and learner anxiety can make language acquisition more difficult.  Your child's hosts fully appreciate these challenges, and do everything they can to ensure that your child is comfortable and happy, and feels well-supported in all aspects of their stay.  A calm, relaxed environment is a very important part of successful learning. 

Customized Learning Plans
Address Students' Individual Needs

Sharing a home with a professional language educator means that your child's teacher will get to know him or her as an individual, and acquire a deeper understanding of his or her learning style, study habits, and language challenges.  The teacher can support your child's school day instruction with personalized lessons that address these important aspects of his or her education.  In this way, your child will be able to accelerate their English fluency.

Experience American History and Culture

The homestay location is under an hour from Boston, Massachusetts, the state's largest city and one that played a crucial role in the American Revolution and the birth of a new country.  Your child will have opportunities to visit sites of major historical significance, as well as to experience the diversity that makes the United States a "mixing pot" of cultures, traditions, foods, languages, and celebrations.  It is also possible to visit locations of artistic and literary significance, to attend sporting events, and much more.  

In The News
English is the Language of Global Education

Partly in response to globalization, universities all over the world are offering more and more of their courses in English.  To compete in academia, students need to hone their English skills.

High TOEFL Scores Help International Students Enter Preferred Colleges

More than 1 million inter-national students are enrolled at colleges and universities throughout the U.S., but low TOEFL scores can limit students' options.

Being Multilingual Has A Broad Range of Benefits

Scientific studies show that people who speak more than one language have better attention control and working memory, as well as analyzing their surroundings, multi-tasking, and problem-solving. 


 Thank you for everything!  My stay was great.  I just received the results of my TOEFL exam, and I passed with a score higher than I needed to attend the school in Italy.  Thank you so much!



— Marguerite from France


Thank you so much for helping my daughter.  I am so glad to hear about her progress at school.  Thank for everything you have done for us.


     Thank you both once again for all that you did with our daughter.  I am sure that from now on, she will work on her English with a lot of enthusiasm--thanks to you--which was not the case before!  



     Thank you for all of your efforts in taking care of our son.  We think you went to too much trouble, but we are so happy.  Thank you, Teacher!



— Jing from China

Valerie from France

— Mrs. Xu from China

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